I've always marvelled at the way we, the 93% of the population who went to state schools, are so sanguine about the utter domination of every sphere of our lives by the 7% that received an elite education. Given that the principle qualification for attending an elite school is that your parents have lots of money it seems unlikely this 7% truly represent the best and the brightest. So I thought: what if they were a visible ethnic minority? Would we mind then?

So let's put on the special sunglasses and maybe we might just realise what's really going on.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Chav Baiter In Chief

With their traditional ethnic folkways, such as fox hunting, under attack the purple people have perforce looked to other entertainments to keep their spirits and sense of superiority up. Enter...

Jeremy Kyle....Chav Baiter in Chief

Article in the Gruniad here...