I've always marvelled at the way we, the 93% of the population who went to state schools, are so sanguine about the utter domination of every sphere of our lives by the 7% that received an elite education. Given that the principle qualification for attending an elite school is that your parents have lots of money it seems unlikely this 7% truly represent the best and the brightest. So I thought: what if they were a visible ethnic minority? Would we mind then?

So let's put on the special sunglasses and maybe we might just realise what's really going on.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Independent: it's Purple. Are You?

Editors of the Indy (left to right) 2010: Simon Kelner, 2008: Roger Alton, 1996/1998: Andrew Marr, 1998: Rosie Boycott, 1994: Ian Hargreaves , I couldn't find a picture of Charles Wilson and finally 1986: Andreas Whittam Smith.

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